The Temple of your Time

The Temple of your Time

To write something new, in the inflated history of the watchmaking world is not at all easy, perhaps we will not do it this time either but, LTF's goal, since always, is to be able to transmit the passion that animates us as collectors,through our watches, to our customers.
The approach that a collector has, whatever the field of reference, will always be scrupulous and attentive but at the same time emotional,involved and of extreme respect.

This is our mantra: to propose watches that we would put in a collection ourselves.
LTF is a long history of friends, united by the same passion but with absolutely different temperaments and styles.
4 distant points that come together to form a perfect square.

The world of watches is not only exhibition and mere accumulation but it is to enter, through an object, into history, technique but above all into an inner circle of knowledge and culture.

The world of watchmaking, especially vintage watchmaking, is the romantic part of a long love story between man and manufacture, between the mathematical genius and the philosopher, between the heart and reason.
 With these chrisms we choose what to offer, selecting the best, offering it with the same care as the collector who passes it on to a friend.
With the same eagerness to share, explore, learn and pass on that every enthusiast must have to call himself such.

LUXO TIME FIRENZE is the temple of all this, your temple of time.

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